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He sees you as “disgusting” and he was glad COVID-19 infected our country because now he has an excuse for not shaking hands with you. His good friend talk show host Howard Stern has said that Trump actually “despises” you. Trump insists you adore him inside and side-by-side at rallies with no masks, no distancing, screaming your approval of his abuse of others. You put your lives on the line for this liar, allowing yourselves to be changed into human disease vectors to infect others as well as yourself. The Tulsa Rally caused a huge surge in coronavirus cases in Oklahoma, and Herman Cain, a Trump supporter, died of the virus after attending that rally. Recently, at an Omaha, Nebraska rally, Trump flew off into the blue yonder leaving thousands of supporters freezing in subzero temperatures for hours. The buses his advance team was supposed to coordinate to get folks home from the windy airport never arrived. Oh well, what the hell.

Your “chosen one,” your “voice sent from God,” came down with COVID-19, leaving his entire White House, his campaign people, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and later his conservative celebrants on the south lawn back slapping in honor of another right-winger pushed onto SCOTUS. Trump doesn’t give a shit about his family (Melania and Baron both got the coronavirus) and he doesn’t give a shit about YOU. His long time friend Donny Deutsch warned us recently on Morning Joe to wait for it. He said, “Trump’s never been two touchdowns behind before,” so he believes the days before the election will be incredibly dangerous for the nation.

Some people have mused that democracy has always had a small lunatic fringe that leans fascist because democracies (combined with a rapacious capitalism) tend to leave some citizens behind. Economist Thomas Piketty warned the world back in 2004 about the unfairness of income inequality and the dangers it posed — increasing anger at the system and then a resolute desire to smash that system.

This “desire for disaster,” as the late philosopher Theodor Adorno said in a 1967 lecture, is an insistent hatred that builds until “someone who is unable to see anything ahead of them really has no alternative…this person, from the perspective of their own social situation, longs for demise — the demise of all.” (Aspects of the New Right-Wing Extremism, pg. 10)

The Trump death cult you belong to sees political compromise as degenerate and democratic government as illegitimate and useless. This fake “businessman” strolled right out of the TV set to bloviate about the evil of the “Deep State” and came on the scene to be the instrument that you hoped would punish the people you think hate you. Your neighbors, your family, your friends — anyone outside the cult — do not understand your love for this man. They don’t see what you see. He’s trying to change the pluralistic world we have back into what bluesman Big Bill Broonzy described as, “If you’re white, you’re alright, if your brown, stick around, but if your black — get back, get back, get back!” You are living in a racist dream if you think America is ever going to be Levittown again, so Trump’s gonna try and burn it all down now that the party is coming to an end.

Propaganda is the soup and the spoon that feeds your fear is FOX News and a plethora of talk show grifters. They call for you to unquestioningly support this authoritarian, insist you constantly watch the manufactured hallucination that nets them high ratings until the delusion becomes the substance of your political life. Technology only insinuates the message more deeply and cleanly, socially mediating you with the funhouse facts that will keep you hooked and angry.

Many times when people try to appeal to your humanity over the Trump Administration’s cruel policies separating children from their parents at the border, his lying and bullying, the prevalent racism and trafficking in hatred of others who are different, and his open support of neo-Nazis, you become enraged. You tell the world your culture is being cancelled and the unbelievers resisting Trump World are just being politically correct.

Your beloved leader got COVID-19 because he refused to wear a mask, refused to adhere to his own guidelines to prevent contagion, reveled in raucous rallies that caused coronavirus spikes in the surrounding communities, endangered his family and workers in the White House, and has lied about the severity of the pandemic repeatedly since February 2020 knowing full well it was deadly.

I know you’re worried. Hey, you’ve been tearing around proudly NOT wearing a mask, arguing with masked employees when they stop you from entering a store. You’ve participated in armed protests to “liberate” state governments to “open” bars and restaurants, putting those you really love at risk for your sickening love of him.

But comeuppance is arriving; the polls ain’t looking good at all and the “debates” were a disaster for Trump’s ratings. You should know that extremism usually leads its followers inevitably to a place they’ll regret. When the countries of past strongmen ended up in ashes, Hitler poisoned himself and his girlfriend in a bunker and Benito Mussolini and his girlfriend were summarily shot and then hung upside down to sway in the breeze.

Trump will try to take us all with him as he goes down to defeat as the loser he always feared he was. Will you be holding the matches for him or manning the fire hose?

Writer, historian, jazz singer-songwriter, PhD American Studies. Authored 6 YA history books and the play “Last Call at the Downbeat”

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